April 2, 2020

Dwarf Fortress: Siegemansion

At the center of the Sizzling Barricade, a thin range of arid mountains, lies a great volcano. Now, in the year 16, The Noble Pulley (a burgeoning, young dwarven civilization) has put this location in their sights. For it is the last unclaimed bastion between the dwarven homeland and a growing menace - The Idle Wraiths. Currently idle, this rapidly expanding dark goblin civilization poses a great threat to everything we stand for as dwarves and this fortress - Siegemansion - will be the light that defends us from the darkness.

Southeastern region of Zokunmuthkat

A little background on the dwarves of The Noble Pulley. They are known as renowned warriors, scholars and drinkers. They are known for their striking emerald eyes set into dark, raw umber skin. Most dwarves incorporate double braids into their hairstyles.

We'd also be amiss without mentioning our leader, 'Knuckles', who slew a wandering jaguar in the late Winter of 16.

Jaguar slain in the Gate-Hall

For today, we'll look at Siegemansion as it stands on 16 Moonstone, Early Winter, Year 16.

The Gate-Hall


The Gate-Hall progresses in a fine manner. The entrance of the fort lies on the East side of the mountainside. Outside our gates, the buzzing of bees fills the dry air (Amork knows why they live here or what flowers they pollinate). Obsidian boulders and arid loam speckle the steep hillsides.

Just inside, it is currently filled with much of our stockpiles of goods: food, furniture, gems, and essential workshops. On the sides of this large hall are four doorways. In the North-East is our inn for visitors - The Earthen Butter, perhaps named after our future signature export, soap! Our tavernkeeper is "Squid" Mengesesh, the tavern keep and trade broker, and a masterful converstationalist, oh, and a hoot to boot!

The next location along the East wall is the manager's office and quarters. Keeping things organized and accounted for around here is an important role, and highly regarded. Currently Kosoth Lolokfath serves as our manager. She earned the nickname "Faves" as he has reciprocated favors quite regularly.

The last location along the East wall is our first temple. With a lively group of 20 dwarves, there are many Gods that need worship. Here is a small subset that we have set up for so far:

  • Or the Squid of Spraying, God of water, 6 followers.
  • Isram Heavengilded the Calm Glen, God of peace, 4 followers.
  • Ral Yearcolor the Gray Oak, God of rainbows and longevity, 1 follower.
  • Keshan the Hot Glowing Spark of Flames, God of volcanos.

Along the West wall of the Gate-Hall is only one set of doors, the barrack. With space for training, storage, and a small sleeping quarters, this area is sufficent for the Gate-Guards and our early militia.

The Farmers Guild


Here, most of the food and living goods of the fortress are produced. There is space within this spacious cavern layer for our pastures of pigs and other animals. We also have sown a field for plump helmets, as is customary. Although we have noticed that they grow naturally, and in abundance. As for food production, there is also a chicken coup in the North.

A few other related workshops also occupy this area. One is our carpenters, who having utilized almost all of our starting wood, are beginning to fell trees from the cavern themselves, giant mushroom trees to be exact. The dwarves have also placed their main distillary on this floor. Although luckily, we have struck naturally occuring water lower in the caverns.

The Soapers Guild


Here, the dwarves are in the early stages of setting up our famous soap production. For the soapmaking skills of the dwarves of The Noble Pulley are legendary. And with fresh access to this rich volcanic soil, we will become the greatest soapers this world has ever known. In the North-East of this area, you can see the early blueprints for our guild-hall, which will be fabulously decorated.

The lye-making facilities are already completed in the North-West, complete with wood furnace and ashery. Down below that, the dwarves have begun excavation of the primary rock-nut/quarry bush production. This plant is cruical to our process because it provides seed paste, and that can be converted to oil. This process has been tried and tested for generations. And although it may be fuzzy at first, all will be revealed when the dwarves have everything up and running.

The Hospital & Hot Springs


Here, at the deepest level of our fortress, currently lies a simple dormatory. Down here, deep in the stone, the warmth of the volcano is tangible, helping the dwarves to get incredibly restful sleep. Although it is sparse now, "Knuckles" sees a lot of potential here for our field hospital and perhaps our hot springs and magma forges. Time will tell.